1:How to install the axis of the Maple Leaf and the protective circle?(Video)

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2:How do i Connect the frequency?(Video)

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3:How do i connect my APP software?(Video)

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4:How do I use the function of APP inside?(Video)

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5:When I need to adjust the balance of UAVs, how to use the correction function?

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6:Wonder tech drone exclusive APP Download?(Video)

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7:Download wonder tech drone instruction manual

CLICK HERE to download the instructions for your Drone.

8:How to install the battery and charging the UAV? (Eg W200C / W305C / W400R)

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9:Looking for a QuickStart guide?

Download the QuickStart guide here to be flying in a matter of minutes.

10:How to assemble the WonderTech W400R Ghost Drone?

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