1. When the customer puts the wrong blades on the wrong motor and the drone won't fly, how to fix this?

According to the NO.10 of the video area to assemble motors and rotor blades, if it also appeared in this issue, may be one of the motor is damage, or the UAV control chip is damage.

2. How to go up/down right/left forward/back rotate left rotate right?

W200C/W305CClick here for a small video. W400R demo video, please click here.

3.How to do one key flips?

Click here for a small video.

4.How to connect the remote control to the drone?

Click here for a small video.

5.Show what happens when the drone goes out of range of the remote control and how to not go too high or too far away from the remote control?

Click here for a small video.

6.How to adjust trim?

Click here for a small video.

7.Explaining how the remote control stick movements change when you turn the drone around and how everything is then the opposite?

Click here for a small video.

8.How to take a picture and video?

Click here for a small video.

9.How to properly charge the battery, how not to charge battery while it is hot, how to not over charge the battery?

Click here for a small video.(Battery charging process will be a little heat is normal, resulting in excessive heat may be due to the charging current is too large, it is recommended to use other chargers try.)

10.How to match the correct replacement blade to the correct motor?

Click here for a small video.(w400R motor labeled "CW" is a positive turn is the red line. Marked with "CCW" the reverse is black. W200C / W305C red and blue lines on the motor is positive turn, black and white lines are Reverse rotation.)